• Jane Chandler

The Value of Pensions in a Divorce

The value of pensions on divorce is often overlooked in financial remedy proceedings with spouses sometimes giving preference to the immediate financial relief provided by capital sums or the family home and the future financial benefits which pensions can provide may appear too distant to contemplate at the time of divorce.

This can be due to a lack of understanding of pensions which are complex, particularly to the spouse who may benefit most. There are different types of pensions which can be referred to in different ways such as defined benefit scheme being referred to as final salary or salary-related pensions which can make pensions seem even more complicated.

The Courts can make several orders with regard to pension, the most usual being a pension sharing order where the pension is split at the time of divorce and each party then having their own separate pension.

In order to assist and explain pensions to those going through divorce, Advice Now have prepared a very useful guide which explains the different types of pensions, how to find out what pensions are worth and how to seek help.

A copy of the guide entitled “A survival guide to pensions on divorce” can be found at

If you would like further information on pensions on divorce, or any other aspect of your divorce, please contact us on 03301 333 862 or

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