Parents should be encouraged to try and agree the arrangements for children between themselves such as who they live with and the time they spend with the absent parent but unfortunately for many separating couples this does not happen.  One parent may refuse the other parent access altogether or use contact as a weapon against the other parent leaving the child(ren) in the middle of their dispute.


At Jane Chandler Family Law, we are able to advise you on the legal steps you can take when there are issues involving parents in dispute.  It may be that you want to increase your contact with your child(ren) or to re-establish contact.  You may be the main carer and have concerns about the other parent. 


One parent may want to relocate with the children which would mean the other parent would not have the same contact and we are able to advise you of the legal process involved in removing a child from the area or preventing the other parent from removing a child.


We are able to advise you on parental responsibility and what to do if the other parent wants to change your child’s school or make other unilateral arrangements for your child.


We are also able to advise Grandparents who may wish to have contact with their Grandchild but are denied from doing so.


We encourage parents to reach agreement outside of Court where possible and advise on the options available to resolving disputes which include mediation but if arrangements cannot be agreed then we can take you through the Court process, whether it is for what used to be known as child custody, child contact and residence orders but is now is known as a child arrangements order, a specific issue order such as a change of school or a prohibited steps order to prevent the children being moved.


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